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Welcome to NAVAIRDEVCEN.ORG. The website of an outstanding Naval Research facility which was located in Warminster, Pennsylvania and closed in 1996. The Naval Air Warfare Center, formerly the Naval Air Development Center had a rich history of advanced research and development in the Naval community. It was born from the Brewster Aircraft factory towards the end of World War II and grew to become one of the leading Naval Air research laboratories in the nation. It was the home to one of the earliest and largest human centrifuge which was used extensively for astronaut training during the Mercury missions.

On this website you will find pictures, articles, first hand accounts and other historical information about Brewster, NADC and NAWC. Enjoy your visit!

The flag is down on the last day of the Naval Air Warfare Center, Warminster, PA The NAMU Emblem - Orginal name of the Warminster site which later became NADC and finally NAWC Warminster

Taking the NAWC sign down reveals the original 'Brewster' Aircraft Factory inscription at the main entrance

Help Preserve NADC History!

Many of you have already been interviewed and had your past at NADC video recorded. This is a very worthwhile cause which has been undertaken by the South Eastern Pennsylvania Cold War Historical Society. If you have not already contacted them I encourage you to visit their website - - A description of what they do and their future plans can be viewed there.

"History in our Backyard" Lecture Series
Visit the Cold War Historical Society site for the current schedule

Events are via zoom and if noted also in person

These events are free and when in person are held at "The Fuge" the NADC Centrifuge building in Warminster, PA
The community is invited to all events - Please pass this onto your friends and family

Come out and see the new "The Fuge" event center and the NADC museum room

Please join our navairdevcen email group to receive announcements and communicate with other former NADC Employees and contractors. To join visit The old Yahoo group is no longer working!!

Support our local NARFE Chapter 740 and help defend our benefits

Dedication of the Woody Metcalf Engineering Facility - 2/27/2012

Veterans Day 2014 Celebration and NADC Reunion at The Fuge

The 10th NADC Reunion Banquet (Pictures, Program, Video, and more)
The 15th NADC Reunion Banquet (Pictures and Program)
The 20th NADC Reunion at The Fuge (Photo Slideshow)

NADC Plaque Dedication - ACT Technico - June 3, 2006

NADC/NAWC Party Picture Archive - go here for all past party Pictures

Also check the announcements for other activities.

Jack and Jill Golf Tournament Pictures - 2002, 2003, 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009

If you are retired or plan to retire from the government please consider joining NARFE

NATC, the former NAWC/NADC is being developed by the FLRA, Federal Lands Reuse Authority. Rental Office and Commercial space at the center is available. The NATC may be reached at 215-957-2310 or E-mail them at

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