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Federal employees earn retirement benefits.
Since 1921, NARFE has worked to protect them.

Dick Hogg
Teeny Lacher
Tom Willey
News Editor
Mike Bowdren
Norm Melling
Vice President

Annual Holiday Meeting Thursday December 19
12 Noon at Guiseppi's Warminster

Meetings are held bi-monthly on either the second or third Thursdays

at Guiseppi's Pizza Resturant, on Street road in Warminster at 1 PM.
Meeting dates for February, April, and June 2014 will be announced at the beginning of the year.

Please plan to attend and bring a friend!!!

NARFE's Commitment

The National Association of Retired Federal Employees (NARFE) serves those who serve the nation. NARFE is the ONLY association dedicated to protecting the earned retirement benefits of federal employees and retirees. NARFE's commitment is to secure the future, the future that federal employees have worked to achieve for themselves and their families.

Founded by 14 federal workers in 1921, NARFE has grown to be a major force on Capitol Hill and across the nation. NARFE is an effective and highly respected legislative voice for federal workers and retirees. At the field level, with 53 state and territorial federations and more than 1,740 local chapters, NARFE has a demonstrated record of success on many important issues. Members are kept fully informed and up to date on issues affecting them, including federal and state legislative developments, judicial actions, and regulatory changes.

NARFE's national and field organization, in conjunction with 150 community-based NARFE service centers, provides members advice and assistance in resolving federal retirement and health benefits matters. Moreover, NARFE cuts through bureaucratic red tape to help members get the benefits they have earned and deserve. In addition to solid legislative Preserving Retirement Benefits

The Association's objectives are to:

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