Alumni Information

NADC has had a very active alumni group since the center closed in September 1996. We have had two major reunions at 10 and 15 years after closing and for at least the first 10 years we had party get-togethers several times a year. Many smaller groups still meet on a regular basis.

If you would like to announce an event or arrange a get-together I would be glad to distribute it to all. Email me at to arrange postings or to give me ideas on what should be posted.

I have been maintaining an email list of NADC alumni for over 15 years since the closing. The list has over 500 email addresses and I send out periodic messages about events, obituaries, etc. Due to changes in my Internet provider and my need to simplify things as of October 1, 2012 I am changing the way we distribute email messages. After this date I will no longer send out email messages from my email address instead I have setup a Yahoo group called "navairdevcen" from which messages will be sent. If you would like to continue to receive email notification of NADC events you MUST either join this group or subsribe to email from the group. Both methods are described below. If you join the group you have access to message archives and other features. This is the preferred way but it requires you to setup a Yahoo profile. There is NO security risk in doing this and most profile information is optional but if you prefer to just get emails you can do it that way also.

The NAVAIRDEVCEN Yahoo group is available to all NADC/NAWC Warminster, former employees, contractors or interested individuals.

To join the NAVAIRDEVCEN Yahoo group go to the group page at - and click on the JOIN GROUP icon.

To subscribe to email only from the group sned a blank email message to you will get a confirmation email back.

It is IMPORTANT that you take one of these actions to continue to receive NADC email notices in the future.

Please Note - I CANNOT manually add your email to the NAVAIRDEVCEN group. You must do this yourself. As moderator of the group I will approve your request but you must "opt-in" by one of the two methods above to receive messages.

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