Florence Eddowes 80th Birthday Surprize

On Sunday October 25 the village of Ivyland gave Florence Eddowes a surprize 80th birthday party. Many of you will remember Flo from NADC. She worked in reproduction (Publications and Printing) for many years before retiring. I was able to attend her party but could not stay as I had to get to another party in Delaware but I did see many NADC guests in attendance. Ross Hendricks, John Chmielewski, Willie Flynn and others. It was well attended by her friends and neighbors from Ivyland. Unfortunaltely I found out about it the day before so I could not announce it to the NADC list. Florence's father published "The Loud Speaker", an Ivyland publication, and Flo carried it on in later years. I scanned a copy and have a link here if you would like to see it.

The Loud Speaker (PDF Format)

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